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Storing Basics

Storing cigars is an extremely important endeavor, assuring the maintenance of your high quality purchase.

Cigar smokers should buy a quality humidor to keep their cigars fresh. The small investment will pay off, securing the optimal smoking condition of your cigar. If the correct conditions are met, a Habano can be kept for over 15 years.

Humidors come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the cigar connoisseur. Ideally, the interior of the humidor should be lined with Spanish cedar, which helps mature cigars. Smokers should also rotate the cigars from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Cuban cigars should be stored at between 16ºC and 18ºC (60ºF and 64ºF) in a relative humidity of 65 to 70 percent. Lower temperatures can hamper the cigar's ageing process. It's important to keep temperature constant because humidity varies with temperature. A dry cigar will taste harsh, while a humid Habano will not draw or smoke adequately.

A temperature over 18ºC can provoke a parasite infection, often referred to as "tobacco weevil" or "tobacco beetles." These parasites perforate wrappers and induce rotting. Infections of this type are rare, but if it occurs the only solution is to leave the cigar box in your freezer for a few days.

If you do not have access to a humidor, some experts recommend keeping your cigars in a refrigerator, inside zip-lock bags. But be careful and check on your cigars regularly to avoid prolonged drying or moisture.

Cigars subjected to a sudden increase of humidity may develop a white mold, often referred to as "bloom" or "plume." Do not fret. In fact, bloom is a sign your cigar is healthy. Simply remove the mold with a brush or damp cloth.

Ageing is ideal for a Habano to achieve complete balance and deliver its ultimate taste. Large humidors, where air can circulate freely, provide the ideal conditions for ageing.

The result is worth waiting for.