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Sancho Panza

Founded in 1852, Sancho Panza was named after Don Quixote's faithful squire in Cervantes's famous novel. Sancho Panza is a uniquely delicate, elegant and very subtle cigar. They rank among the most consistently well-made Cuban cigars and are well suited to occasional, beginner, or daytime smokers alike. All sizes are relatively mild. The brand is well known for its enormous "A" size Sanchos cigar and the pointed Belicoso cigar.

Sancho Panza Non plus
Box of 25
EUR 149.00
EUR 126.65
Sancho Panza Valientes Swiss RE 17
Regional Production 2017
Box of 10
EUR 219.00
Sancho Panza Belicosos
Out of Stock
Box of 25
EUR 231.00