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Smoking Basics

When smoking cigars, one rule stands above all others: avoid inhalation. Besides being unpleasant, inhaling will not help you taste the cigar and can prove harmful to your lungs. Instead, gently draw the smoke into your mouth, savor the subtle flavors, and then blow it out.

A cigar should always be smoked slowly. If rushed, it can overheat, which can harm the cigar's flavor. If you smoke your cigar too slowly, on the other hand, it may extinguish. Feel free to relight. First, however, clean any loose ash. Otherwise, relighting may prove difficult. To relight simply bring the flame to the foot of the cigar for a few seconds. No puffing is necessary.

Remember to be considerate of those around you. If possible, smoke in the company of other cigar smokers, and try to find a well-ventilated area where you can enjoy your pastime in comfort. If possible, go outside to smoke. Distance yourself as much as possible from non-smokers, especially children, given that cigar smoke contains many carcinogens that can be easily inhaled by non-smokers.

Additionally, a good cigar should be enjoyed on a full stomach. Several beverages are good accompaniment for a Habano, like bourbon, scotch, or brandy, for example.

A courteous cigar smoker will also be aware of his ashes. Dispose your ashes in a safe container. Be careful: ashes can blow away easily. If you find yourself in a restaurant or other establishment that allows smoking, confirm with your server or host that cigars are allowed as well.

A Habano can be smoked to at least three quarters of its length.

When finished, don't crush your cigar in the ashtray. Just lay it to rest.