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Lighting Basics

Unlike a cigarette, lighting a Habano requires patience and attention. Nothing spoils a smoker's enjoyment as quickly as a badly lit cigar.

First and foremost, make sure to use an odorless flame. Ideally, smokers should use a cedar spill or wood match. Butane gas lighters are also recommended. Above all, avoid petrol lighters, wax matches or candles-their aromas will spoil the taste of your Habano. If using a match, wait for the head to completely burn before taking its flame to the cigar, thus avoiding a sulfur taste that ruins a cigar's taste.

Take your time when lighting-a badly lit cigar can result in an obstructed drawing area. Take a flame to the foot of the cigar, without allowing the flame to touch the cigar itself, and slowly rotate it until the surface is evenly charred. Then place the head of the cigar to your lips and start puffing gently until flames jump up from the foot. Continue to rotate the cigar so that it lights slowly and evenly. Inspect the lighted foot of the cigar and blow on it gently to ensure it is evenly lit.

Milder cigars should be lit more slowly so as to not taint its subtle flavors. Wider cigars may take longer to light evenly.

If your Habano goes out before you are finished, simply clean the ashes from the cigar before relighting. The user need not put the cigar to his or her lips to relight. Simply clean the ash and take the flame to the cigar.

Don't tap you cigar to remove ashes-it is not a cigarette. Simply allow the ashes to fall gently and naturally from the cigar.