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Marketed for the first time in February 1998, when it was presented in Havana during the annual gala in which the "Hombre Habano del Ano" Awards are bestowed, it was already known to connoisseurs all aver the world, since a variation of it, but with a 38 ring gauge, had been used since 1969 as a diplomatic present from the Government of the Republic of Cuba.

Trinidad Coloniales
Box of 24
261.00 EUR
Trinidad Fundadores
Box of 24
706.00 EUR
Trinidad La Trova
Box of 12
383.00 EUR
Trinidad Reyes
Box of 24
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128.00 EUR
Trinidad Reyes
Box of 12
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Trinidad Reyes
Pack of 5
33.00 EUR
Trinidad Vigia
Box of 12
194.00 EUR
Trinidad Vigia Tubos
Pack of 3
46.00 EUR
Trinidad Ingenios EL 07
Edicion Limitada 2007
Out of Stock
Box of 12
457.00 EUR