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La Flor de Cano

According to official records, the brand La Flor de Cano was registered by the brothers Tomas and José Cano in 1884 in the name of Cano, Loma & Co. located at 66 Rayo Street, Havana. La Flor de Cano cigars are mild and refreshing, with subtle sweet floral and herbaceous flavors.

La Flor De Cano Casanova Italy RE 11
Box of 10
303.00 EUR
La Flor De Cano Gran Cano UK RE 13
Regional Production 2013
Box of 10
385.00 EUR
La Flor De Cano Petit Coronas
Box of 25
62.00 EUR
La Flor De Cano Selectos
Out of Stock
Box of 25
68.00 EUR