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Cigar Qualities

The taste of a single cigar is the result of many factors working together: the "millesime" of the cigar (year of production, exactly the same as wine), the ring gauge, the length, the time of the day you smoke, etc... 

All these factors often make it hard to choose what to smoke. We have developed an easy selection method to help make the choosing easier.

The Aroma

The flavour you get from the blend of tobacco. Here, you will find the major notes of the cigar which characterise each and every smoke, as well as the small differences between the major and the less influential aromas.
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The Strength

The body and power of the cigars is classified from strong to light. In order to make you're choosing easier, we have decided to classify the cigars in five clear and distinct levels of strength.
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The Size

The size is the combination of the cigars' length and the ring gauge (diameter). For instance, long cigars will always start lighter than a short cigar, as the smoke goes through a longer natural tobacco filter before it reaches your palate. But the end of a long cigar is always very strong as the filter is much more concentrated at the end. In exactly the same way, a large ring gauge cigar will always generate a milder smoke than a very thin cigar. The temperature is always higher in the small and very concentrated "foyer', where as the larger ring gauge allows for more gradual heating. And as everybody knows, aroma and strength need the right temperatures to express it self: not too hot, not too cold.
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