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Figurado Sized Cigars

This format incorporates all cigars with a pointed tip or tips. A Figurado can be single or double (pointed both ends) and vary enormously in ring gauge and size. The conic end shape will give these cigars a more intense smoke and will often be used for brands with full bodied blends. Smoking times can be from 20 mins to 2hrs, depending on the specific Figurado you are smoking.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story
Box of 25
EUR 237.60
Cuaba Distinguidos
Box of 10
EUR 136.00
Cuaba Divinos
Box of 25
EUR 135.00
Cuaba Exclusivos
Box of 25
EUR 196.00
Cuaba Tradicionales
Box of 25
EUR 153.00
Hoyo De Monterrey Elegantes
Box of 10
EUR 120.00
Partagas Salomones
Box of 10
EUR 234.00
Rafael Gonzalez 88 Asia Pacifico RE 16
Box of 10
EUR 376.00
Vegueros Mananitas
Box of 16
EUR 55.00
Vegueros Mananitas
Pack of 4
EUR 14.00
Cuaba Salomones
Out of Stock
Box of 10
EUR 176.00