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The Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca loved Fonseca cigars. Founded in 1891, Francisco Fonseca was the first producer to introduce the metal tube for individual cigars. A pioneer in his time he also created the first tasting room within the factory for his clients to test the selected blends as he also specialized in creating cigars for banquets and receptions. Since the early years, the Fonseca brand became renowned and cherished for the quality and appearance of its cigars. It is the only Habano in the market which is wrapped in very thin and almost transparent silky paper.

Fonseca Cosacos
Box of 25
EUR 109.00
Fonseca Delicias
Box of 25
EUR 82.00
Fonseca No.1
Box of 25
EUR 147.00
Fonseca Cadetes
Out of Stock
Box of 25
EUR 62.00