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Have you had Figurado before?

Posted on 12/07/2018 | Back to Blog

Dear Friends and Fellow Smokers,

The average smoker should have at least 3 different vitolas in their humidor to have a bit of variety. Essentially short vitolas for the quick smoke and larger ones for the end of the day or weekend breaks. Of course, this all depends on the smoker’s preferences, but one must know that there’s more out there.

We invite you to take a gander at our latest curated list of Cuban discoveries featuring the Figurado. Usually tapered on the ends, these vitolas are said to give the blends an extra punch! Flavors are intensified as they concentrate through the funneled end, allowing the smoker to distinctly identify the cigars flavor progression and nuances. In addition to the enhance tasting experience, they also look great!

Just to sweeten the deal, all Cuban discoveries now have a 5% discount.

Whatever plans you have this summer, make sure you’ve got your VIP cigar on hand.

Yours truly,
Premium Cuban, Dominican & Nicaraguan Cigars

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