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Cuban Discoveries

Quick and satisfying, cigarillos are a great way to get your Cuban puro fix fast and easy.
Known as the little or mini cigar, Cigarillos are close to the traditional cigarette in size but slightly larger.

The same master blenders have carefully selected the right mix to represent their respective brands. Each cigarillo should give a glimpse of what the rest of the brand has to offer.
Small and compact, Cigarillos are perfect on the go or during those short breaks.

Cohiba Club
Cube of 100
EUR 130.00
Cohiba Club Ban Humidor - 2014
Box of 50
EUR 100.00
Cohiba Short
Cube of 100
EUR 190.00
Montecristo Club 2013 (tin 20)
Cube of 100
EUR 105.00
Montecristo Joyitas
Box of 25
EUR 137.00
Montecristo Mini 2013 (tin 20)
Cube of 100
EUR 85.00
Montecristo Mini Dali Humidor (Designer humidor 50)
Box of 50
EUR 90.00
Romeo y Julieta Mini 2013 (tin 20)
Cube of 100
EUR 70.00
Romeo y Julieta Mini Wooden Humidor
Box of 50
EUR 35.00