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The name of this cigar is very old, and dates back to the times of the early Cuban settlers. This was the name of an indigenous tree in the island, featured by its excellent burning properties, that is still grown in the country. These cigars, which stand out by their pleasant aroma, outstanding construction and rich flavors. The cigars are pointed on both ends which lends outstanding combustion to the experience.

Cuaba Distinguidos
Boîte de 10
EUR 131.00
EUR 124.00
Cuaba Divinos
Boîte de 25
EUR 130.00
EUR 123.00
Cuaba Exclusivos
Boîte de 25
EUR 188.00
EUR 178.00
Cuaba Piramides EL 08
Edicion Limitada 2008
Boîte de 10
EUR 308.00
Cuaba Tradicionales
Boîte de 25
EUR 147.00
EUR 139.00
Cuaba Salomones
Stock épuisé
Boîte de 10
EUR 170.00