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Posté le 04/05/2018 | Retour au Blog

Don’t be intimidated by the traditional stereotype image of the fancy glass of VSOP cognac paired with a cigar.  Not that there's anything wrong with that delicious combination, it's just unrealistic or even feasible for most of us.

One can find tonnes of information online about what one should drink with a specific cigar, but don’t let that restrict you. There are no set and definitive rules on what you should pair with your cigars, it all depends on the smoker and your preferences and habits.

The core reason to pair something with your cigar is to cleanse the palate, much like a piece of bread for wine sommeliers, a drink cleans the mouth and refreshes the taste buds allowing the smoker to avoid the saturation of strong tastes and notes.

So, what should I drink with my cigar?
It's your cigar, You decide!

Have a great weekend!
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