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Cohiba Exquisitos

Cohiba Exquisitos
Box of 25
EUR 228.00
126 mm
Ring Gauge
13.1 mm
20 - 30 minutes
About this cigar:

Some say it is for the experienced smoker, others say it is for beginners. I believe a smoke can be good to anyone depending on the situation. The Exquisitos is short and thin, so that it smokes quickly. It is not too harsh but still delivers spicy notes. If smoked too quickly, it will get too hot and will lose most of its flavours. I strongly suggest drawing on it slowly and it will deliver smooth and tasty smoke. Ideal for loads of situations: your quick lunch fix, in between meetings, or simply enjoying a quick smoke, this Cuban cigar is small enough for you to take anywhere and enjoy a top quality cigar anywhere, anytime. It will need a good 5 years of aging to be optimum.