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Weekend Hints and Tips

Posted on 27/04/2018 | Back to Blog

You just received your box of cigars from, now what?

Great! Fantastic! What now? Light them up? You certainly can, but you're not giving your cigars a chance to be at their best and shine. 

Despite being expertly packages by, consider that they have probably traveled halfway around the world. Exposed to various temperatures and environments in a short period.

Many say cigars are alive, they breathe and react to environmental conditions just like we do. Imagine, you just arrived from a long overnight flight, do you think you're at your best mentally and physically ready to take on the world just like any other day? No, you take your time, you rest, and recover. Your cigars need that too.

Give them at least a few days (2 to 3) in your humidor to breath and acclimatize to the new environment. We assure you, they will be in the best condition to smoke after this time. Be patient with your cigars, and you'll be rewarded.

Have a great weekend!


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