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The Real

Posted on 12/06/2018 | Back to Blog

It has come to our attention that there are copy-cat websites that are taking advantage of our name and reputation to peddle fake and dubious products online. There is only one

Scammers are intelligent, they know what you’re looking for, and they know what you want to see. Sometimes when prices and promotions are too good to be true, they are most likely scams.

Take your time and don’t be fooled!

Look for history and reputation, take your time to reach out. Cuban cigars are high-value products, and with anything of value, they attract scammers. Take your time, do your research, send a message, ask questions until you get that piece of mind. Talking to friends and visiting online forums is a great way to get other peoples perspectives on a particular merchant.

Build a lasting relationship

No authentic site is perfect, might it be shipping delays or lapses in quality, but we recommend our patrons to stick with us because we focus on their satisfaction, we strive to make things right, and we are fair. You won't get the same service elsewhere.

Help us improve our services and our product selection. Please feel free to write to us. Share your positive or negative experiences, desired, ideas, we are all ears. We too share your passion for Puros.

Premium Cuban, Dominican & Nicaraguan Cigars

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