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Standard Production Aged Montecristo!

Posted on 02/09/2016 | Back to Blog

Dear aged-cigars lovers,

Just like wine, cigars get better with time if stored in the right conditions.

Our walk-in humidor allows for perfect aging and some shelves have amazing standard production Cubans that have quite a few years in them.

Here are some Montecristo worth giving it a shot:

Montecristo Eagle Tubos Pack of 3: These packs are from 2009. With 7 years in them, they are more than al-dente!

Montecristo Junior Tubos Pack of 3: From 2010, a good 6 years in them have opened this Cuban cigar just right.

Montecristo No.2 Pack of 3: From 2011, I would keep all of them to myself.

These 3 suggestions will take your breath away, with the last week-end coming up before the price increase, I am giving you THE opportunity you cannot miss. And to make things even better, the first 3 customers to use the following coupon will receive a free shipping (minimum order 50 euros)!, what else?!

Coupon code for first 3 customers: AgedMonte.P3.Blog

Tobias stays availabel for any question or information.



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