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Special thanks to Rudy!

Posted on 02/08/2016 | Back to Blog

Dear fellow readers and customers of, 

Rudy always had a strong passion for photography. He also had a dream in mind and for a few months now, he has been preparing to realise it. In a few weeks, he will travel the world to follow an agenda carefully put through with time. We may receive updates from him that I will be posting here. Let’s wish him a ton of fantastic and breath-taking photos, a safe adventure, and hopefully some good Cubans on the way. I can assure you that he will be taking a few Tubos in his bag!

I am Tobias and I also come from Switzerland. I have been working within for several months in optimizing our administration processes. I will now take over daily operations, reading your requests and treating your orders.

I have a strong value for commercial ethics where both the client and the vendor find themselves happy and share a well establish relationship. I will take time to reply to your requests in a timely fashion and make sure each of your needs are taken care of properly.

The Cuban cigar online market is a different place than the usual e-commerce shop. With this in mind, long lasting and trustworthy customers are essential for me to keep delivering high quality Cuban cigars. I thank all of you for your continued patronage to and I look forward to serve you with the finest cigars in the world!

Enjoy our current special deal "National Day in Switzerland". It was a day full of fireworks all around yesterday!



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