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  • Special Deals

    Last week we announced that we were adjusting our prices to the Habanos price increase of last April 2016 on the 1st of September. We realize that one week to shop for the best prices might not be enough for you all. We are therefore happy to announce another week-end of extension. Buy now at the best available prices online until the 5th of September!

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  • Cuban Discoveries

    Montecristo, perhaps the largest and most well-known of the Cuban brands, the iconic numbered series 1-5 and the more modern Open Series as well as plenty in the middle. The variety is vast in Montecristo, a long living brand developed in 1935, it has only been since the 60s when cigars out of the numbered series developed. With a very clear characteristic of woody and earthy bold flavors, these are unsurprisingly the biggest brand in Cuba today and we love them!

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  • Cuban Classics

    Habanos have produced many different Cuban cigars over the years, but some have stood out and marked smoking history. The Classic Cuban cigars must be sampled by anyone who calls themselves an Aficionado

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  • Limited Editions

    Since 2000 and the first 2000 Millennium Jar, Habanos have released every year 3 to 5 Edicion Limitada cigars for their Premium brands with specifically developed blends, rolled with Maduro tobacco leaves aged for two years prior to being used. This series has become one of Habanos's most collectible lines.

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  • Regional Productions

    Habanos S.A. introduced the Regional Production Series in 2005. This series is made up of special production cigars made exclusively for regional markets. Easy to recognize with red and silver second band and the name of the Region for which they are destined, these productions are becoming very collectible.

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