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Ramon Allones

Rolled in the Partagas factory, which specializes in full-bodied cigars, these cigars will not disappoint those looking for complex and rich flavors. Characteristics of the brand include lovely dark wrappers, excellent construction, near perfect combustion, a rich flavor and wonderful aromas. Ramon Allones cigars tend to be the perfect after-dinner smoke. These cigars age beautifully.

Ramon Allones Allones Extra EL 11
Box of 25
CHF 546.15
Ramon Allones Club Allones EL 15
Box of 10
CHF 204.65
Ramon Allones Patagon - 2016 - Cono Sur
Box of 10
CHF 492.15
Ramon Allones Petit Belicosos UK RE 12
Box of 10
CHF 351.85
Ramon Allones Robusto Xxl - 2015 - Belux
Box of 10
CHF 478.35
Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas
Box of 25
CHF 135.70
Ramon Allones Specially Selected
Box of 25
CHF 248.35
Ramon Allones Specially Selected SLB
Cabinet of 50
CHF 495.60
Ramon Allones Superiores
Box of 10
CHF 111.55