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Originally intended for the British market and established in 1840 by Don Manuel Lopez, these cigars have become the second oldest Havana brand still in production. The name was drawn from the famous comic book "Punch & Judy". Mr. Punch, with his unmistakably sly smile and cigar in hand, still adorns the box of these outstanding Cuban cigars. Standard bearers of quality, these cigars possess a spicy aroma and fragrant bouquet. They are medium-bodied cigars known for their superior construction and reliability. The tremendous popularity of Punch cigars amongst the British also trapped Sir Winston Churchill who, upon visiting the Monte y Zulueta factory during his stay in Havana, offered his name to a size of this brand.

Punch 48 (cdh)
Box of 10
EUR 143.00
Punch Coronation Tubos
Box of 25
EUR 137.00
Punch Medalla de Oro UK RE 11
Box of 10
EUR 588.00
Punch Petit Coronation
Box of 25
EUR 118.00
Punch Punch Punch
Box of 25
EUR 234.00
EUR 199.00
Punch Punch Punch SLB
Cabinet of 50
EUR 468.00
Punch Sabrosos - 2011 - Asia Pacifico
Box of 25
EUR 693.00
Punch Serie D'Oro No.2 EL 13
Edicion Limitada 2013
Box of 25
EUR 483.00
Punch Supremos - 2015 - Suiza
Box of 10
EUR 217.00
Punch Punch Punch Tubos
Box of 10
EUR 103.00
Punch Royal Coronation Tubos
Box of 25
EUR 174.00