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This Cuban cigar brand is over 100 years old, established in 1901, after Simon Bolivar, a great revolutionary hero in Latin America. In 1954, the Cifuentes family bought the Bolivar brand and moved its production to the Partagas factory. Their leaves are specially selected from the Vuelta Abajo region which defines the quality of Bolivar cigars. They are known to be full-bodied cigars, very powerfull smokes and therefore aims to be sold to seasoned smokers. Bolivar is classed by Habanos SA as a multi-local brand.

Bolivar Belgravia - 2015 - Gran Bretana
Box of 10
EUR 382.00
Bolivar Belicosos Finos
Box of 25
EUR 253.00
Bolivar Belicosos Finos SLB
Cabinet of 25
EUR 253.00
Bolivar Libertador
Box of 10
EUR 242.00
Bolivar Petit Coronas
Box of 25
EUR 146.00
EUR 120.00
Bolivar Royal Coronas
Box of 25
EUR 200.00
Bolivar Royal Coronas Tubos
Box of 10
EUR 95.00
Regional Production CigarBolivar Tiempo France RE 17
Box of 10
EUR 516.00
Bolivar Tubos No.2
Box of 25
EUR 175.00
Bolivar Tubos No.3
Box of 25
EUR 137.00
Bolivar Petit Belicosos EL 09
Edicion Limitada 2009
Box of 25
EUR 556.00